John Deegans, campaign of hate threats etc

Today it has came to my attention  that John Deegan and a few others are continuing  the bullying campaign against me, John Deegan has had two you tube accounts closed because of this bullying, 19 of his hate videos have been removed to date,  He just continues  to open new You Tube accounts with the same allegations,He has recently progressed to sending e mails, with yet  more allegations, He has accused me of setting up a fake e mail account in the name of a leading health insurance company and sending hate mail to an employee of the said company, He has accused me of making  fake text messages,He has accused me of taking part in a bank robbery, He has accused me of grassing on people, He alleged that i have no education,He threatened me to surrender my disabled  bus pass and birth cert, He alleged that i never was abused as a child, He sent threatening  text messages as far back as last October 2011 from his number and his girlfriends and a third number that can be detected back to him,He has phoned my telephone at all hours of the day and night, demanding information that did NOT concern him, HE  endorsed an article in in august 2011 which headed  VICTIMS OF PAEDOPHILE PRIESTS HAD PROTEST IN DUBLIN  when in fact he has admitted both on video and print that he was allegdly abused by a gravedigger,He has  used a story regarding my recently dear departed Mother to try to get at me, There is no limit to what this person will do to try and destroy my good name,HE has a few people that are been led by his hate towards me, Sadly they think this is great fun, If tormenting an innocent man, is their way of fun, They need to sit back and think again, They make up lies and convince themselves thats its true, without any proof, it is a sad live that they live,Even when they are shown the truth, they still believe  the lies that they have congured up, I dont have any problem naming and shaming them,


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