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  1. Wow, John Deegan inciting his cult members to help with bullying and harassing J O’Donnell, plenty of proof there

    • theres a bit of information there but nothing in comparison to whats to come, looking at legal documents recently deegan and his cult club will have a LOT OF PROVING TO DO to get out of this, the onus is on them to prove i just sit tight and watch things unfold

  2. It appears liz Gaughan has her John’s mixed up.
    No liz, it’s John Deegan carrying out a smear campaign against John ODonnell.
    You got it now Liz.
    From what i’ve seen already it’s easy to see who’s guilty.
    Big and small handcuff’s needed here.
    Do they have mixed prison’s in Ireland??

    • She has got her facts mixed up also according to the evidence that is mounting up against her,
      both herself and deegan are crying/whinging about solicitors and garda,what they forget in all of this
      every day they dig the hole deeper, every day there is more evidence mounting up against them,
      via e mails/text messages/voice calls/facebook pages/youtube video clips, messages that they sent to
      supposed to be friends, little did they not know that infact some of their supposed to be friends were
      better friends of mine, a few of the messages that they sent will be made public with full permission,
      john deegan is also responsible for using his babys/facebook account to send hate mail to both me and donegal against child abuse,
      i hava also evidence that he used his babys account to send other people messages whilist his facebook account was suspended,
      bearing in mind that the said baby was just a few days old at that time, this babys name was used to launch
      a hate campaign against donegal against child abuse and she was named as the adm on this group,this is against facebook policy
      to have an account below the age of 13 years, i could go on all day but i like to

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